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Best app to keep track of restaurants and all your dining experiences simply by uploading food photos. Foodies in over 100 countries have already logged thousands of meals at more than 80,000 restaurants on Yummi.

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Yummi makes it fun and simple to manage and organize your food life. Just log dining experiences with everyday food photos geo-tagged as Foodprints in an easy to use diary app.

Quick to recall food memories with one click NearMe or using Map view. Foodprints are auto-organized in a beautiful Calendar for easy find and look back. Get in the know about new places and dishes from expert foodies. Or be an expert yourself and start logging all your food experiences on Yummi.

Plan Less, Eat Better

Yummi has helped millions of foodies around the world to journal their food experiences. No more struggles thinking about what and where to eat every day. Log, explore, and share your food life in one app.

Follow friends and expert foodies. Find daily food ideas and inspirations from each other's food journey. Search for trusted recommendations is fast and simple using our robust set of tools.

  • Organized in Calendar

  • Foodprints Geotagged

  • Mapped Location

  • Backdated Timestamp

  • Private & Secure

  • Easy Search and Find

  • Bookmark Favorites

  • Push Suggestions

Foodies are loving Yummi

“If you love to eat out a lot or enjoy cooking at home, Yummi does a fantastic job offering utility for any type of food experiences.”

Anita | MadHungryWoman

San Francisco, USA

Foodies are loving Yummi

“You can do it all on this app. With Yummi, anyone can now follow me and find my foodprints wherever they go. It is simply ingenious!”

Andy Nguyen | New Food Concepts

Huntington Beach, USA

Foodies are loving Yummi

“Absolutely love using Yummi as my food journal. It's so easy to keep track of my food adventures. Yummi auto organizes all my food photos in chronology on a Calendar.”


Frequently asked questions about Yummi app and its usage

Not really. Yummi brings the best tools across different popular platforms into one place for foodies. It has also added new tools that let users easily log and track their meals and restaurants simply using food photos.
Yes, you can directly share to Facebook or any other platforms such as Messenger, Whatsapp, and so on. Make Yummi the home for all your food photos. Then selectively share to other channels.
Everytime you upload and create a post, you need to tag to a location. Because every post (foodprints) are tagged, the contents can be recalled using geo search nearest to you.
No, you can use it to log home-cooked meals as well. You can also log drinks or groceries. All it needs is a photo and location tagged.


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